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September 21, 2016

Hey Ms. D!
I hope all is well! I miss PVI and Next Stage so incredibly much. I especially miss you, Michele, Vicky, Tina, and everyone else who influenced me... Whenever I have met/ talked with my college friends about my high school experience, dance has always been included. I still feel so much pride bragging about the fantastic programs I was a part of at PVI and Next Stage. I can’t wait to come back and visit you all soon:)
       Last Sunday I decided to try out for Drexel Dance Team. There wasn’t a ton of information put out beforehand and not many up-to-date videos I could find on the internet, so I really had no clue what to expect. I was especially nervous considering the lack of dance training I did in the summer despite stretching on my own/training at the gym... The audition was similar to a clinic... In the interview portion of the audition, the coach asked me what I thought about commitment and my strengths. I automatically thought of you and all you instilled in me (not only on PVI dance team/Next Stage, but also from the musicals at PVI) about passion and performance. I mentioned that I considered you my dance mentor and shared a little bit about in my opinion, the value of performance along with technique on a team. Many of the critiques at auditions were “faces,” “get that back leg up,” “tighten up and sharpen those pom arms,”…all of which are things I already knew from you. 
Later that night, I found out I was one of the 3 new Freshman selected for the team this year which is 13 girls. The real point of this lengthy email (beside to let you know I’m thinking about you guys) is to just say thank you so much for all you have done for me to get me to this point. I can’t believe my progress and training and 100% accredit this to you and Next Stage. You have helped me reach my dreams, develop my passion for dance, and more importantly believe in myself to improve more than I ever thought I could. I am now considered a “D1 Athlete” with a locker labeled N. Filipov and all the perks that are associated with that. The schedule is intense and 5 days a week (working out with a trainer and rehearsing), but I am so excited for the challenge and commitment. I feel so ready and confident and that is because of you and Paul VI Dance Team. This accomplishment means nothing without acknowledging all you did to help me to get here. In the Spring, I plan on adding a Dance Minor and participating in the ensemble they offer here at Drexel. I can’t wait to visit PVI before then, though:)...
Thank you so much again for everything and for instilling in me the motivation to believe in my dreams and go after them.

Love you guys! See you soon,

Philadelphia Eagle Cheerleader 2018-2019
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